Best Backpacking Stove 2019 : 10 Best Ultralight Camping Stoves Review

Looking for the best backpacking stove 2019? The best backpacking stoves don’t add kilos to your backpack, they’ve become more convenient, ultra-lightweight, and portable.

Being flooded with choice is hard when determining what is the best stove for backpacking is? You should consider a number of factors before buying any backpacking cooking gear. That’s why I’ve compared a variety of hiking stoves on the market with detailed backpacking stove reviews, to help you sift through the clutter and find the best backpacking stove!

I’ve used a few portable camping stoves over the years and come with this review of 10 best backpacking stoves on the market 2019.

There are different types of backpacking stoves to choose among, such as canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, alcohol stoves, wood stoves, and solid fuel stoves. Here is the list of Best Backpacking stove/Best Camping stove in 2019. The choice is yours!

10 Best Backpacking Stoves 2019 – Comparison

Backpacking StoveStove TypeWeightAll in OnePrice
1. Jetboil MiniMo Personal Cooking SystemCanister stove14.6 ozYes
2. MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove Canister stove14.9 ozNo
3. MSR WindBurner Stove System Canister stove15.25 ozYes
4. MSR Reactor Stove System Canister stove14.7 ozYes
5. Flash Personal Cooking System Canister stove14 ozYes
6. MSR Dragonfly Stove Liquid fuel stove17.8 ozNo
7. MSR PocketRocket 2 Ultralight Canister stove2.6 ozNo
8. Snow Peak LiteMax Titanium Stove Canister stove1.9 ozNo
9. Camp Chef Everest Burner Stove Liquid fuel stove19 ozNo
10. Ultralight Backpacking Canister StoveCanister stove3.9ozNo

Best Backpacking Stoves 2019 – Review

Here is the detailed review of the 10 best backpacking stoves on the market 2019.

1. Jetboil MiniMo Personal Cooking System

best backpacking stove

If you want to enjoy the wild places and also want to feel more like home, you should be able to cook any meal you like, like a spaghetti or a fresh fish fry, to cook such varieties you need simmer control, which allows you to keep the flame between “off and turbo”. The simmer control is the best of any backpacking stove out there.

The Jetboil Minimo stands first in our list of 10 best backpacking stove. You know, this is the most popular collapsible stoves among the hikers. The main benefit of this design is reduced weight and smaller pack sizes.

Over the past few years, canister stoves have become much more common among thru-hikers because of their convenience, quickness, weight, and safety.  The MiniMo’s burner was a top performer in fuel efficiency and boil time. The collapsible handle gives you much-needed comfort to lift the pot off the burner multiple times while simmering, and after you finished cooking, just take a spoon and start eating from the pot.

The included cup works great and the insulation and foldable handles are very nice and keep you from burning yourself. Jetboil MiniMo is one of the Jetboil camp stoves which offers the simmer control.

Jetboil MiniMo is a complete cooking set, it includes Cookpot with heat retention fins, sip lid, canister fuel stand, push-button ignition, and a measuring cup. Packing is pretty space saving, the canister and canister stand is integrated and fits inside the cooking pot.

The Jetboil MiniMo is more expensive than some ultralight stove/pot combinations, but it’s stability, convenience, and speed make it special for lightweight backpacking. Overall, this stove is the best among other canister stoves on the market.

  • Fuel canister stabilizer included.
  • Convenient push-button ignition.
  • Ease of eating straight from the cup.
  • Advanced simmer control with redesigned valve and regulator.
  • Sideways burner storage minimizing pack space.
  • Compatible with a number of Jetboil accessories.
  • Jetpower Fuel not included.
  • Folding camping stove.
  • Weight: 0.75 pounds
  • Ignition button.
  • Aluminium Built – Light-weighted.
  • Simmering feature allows you to cook the meal of your choice.
  • Collapsible handle.
  • Best solo camping stove.
  • Fuel canister can be stored inside the cooking pot while packing.
  • Ultralight and the portable backpacking stove.
  • Best stove for backpacking.
  • You cannot monitor the flame while cooking, as the design itself covers the flame

Overall, for a beginner backpacker, this is the best backpacking cooking system 2019, as you don’t have to buy and assemble all the required parts from different manufacturers. Also, this Lightweight camping stove is ideal for single or two persons.

2. MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove

best camping stove

The MSR WhisperLite is one of the very few stoves that can take both gas canisters and liquid fuel. With the capability to work on a number of different kinds of fuel, including both liquid and canisters, the WhisperLite Universal is a go-to stove for well-traveled backpackers.

When you camp for more days altogether and in different locations, or maybe abroad, not all canisters run with propane/isobutane are compatible and available everywhere, But MSR Whisperlite steals the show there.

This Hiking Stove is compatible with refillable fuel canister that can hold any legitimate liquid, so you can fill it up practically anywhere in the globe. This stove works with Kerosene, Auto, White gas and isobutane/propane, which is widely available.

It’s a multi-fuel Backpacking Stove. It has a different type of jets for fuel types which can be easily changed, Very compact and Ultralight Backpacking stove, Aluminium mixer tube and stainless steel legs are weightless and fine quality.

Once you buy it, you should strip it completely, and understand its setup process, and learn how to change the jets, so that when you’re on your trip it comes in handy. The pack comes with a windshield, Heat Reflector, Small parts kit, repair kit, Instructions, and Storage Sack.

MSR Whisperlite Backpacking stove doesn’t come with automatic ignition, so you better make sure you have a lighter or matches in your travel. The kit doesn’t come with a fuel bottle, you have to buy it separately.

With a stable base and the ability to run on isobutane/propane canisters, this backpacking stove can be a workhorse at high elevations.

  • Canister Liquid Feed: Delivers better cold weather and low-fuel performance with a more consistent output over the life of each canister. Canister stand Included.
  • Field Maintainable: Self-cleaning Shaker Jet technology and redesigned leg assembly facilitate fast cleaning and even easier maintenance in the field.
  • Hybrid-Fuel Performance: Patent pending AirControl technology creates the optimal fuel/air mix for top-notch performance with canister fuel, white gas, kerosene, and unleaded gasoline.
  • Lightweight: Aluminum mixer tube, extra-stable stainless steel legs, and refined design keep weight to a minimum.
  • Includes: Fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit, instructions, and stuff sack. (Fuel bottle not included)
  • Multi-fuel system comes handy in crisis situations.
  • Self-cleaning jet.
  • Stainless steel built.
  • Lightweight and Compact camp stove.
  • Can work even in minus degree temperature.
  • More number of small parts, people tend to lose such small parts, after all nobody can be that vigilant at all the time.
  • Semi-complex setup process.

MSR Whisperlite is an ever time choice of many hardcore backpackers as this will help you survive even at sub-zero temperature. A compact and easily repairable backpack stove on the field. This is the Best camping stove when it comes to repairing. Finding compatible fuel isn’t a problem at all in long backcountry trips because of its multi-fuel system.

3. MSR WindBurner Stove System for Fast Boiling Fuel-Efficient Cooking

ultralight backpack stove

The best camp stove for backpacking will protect against the wind, which is exactly what makes the MSR WindBurner Stove System so great. It also has great fuel efficiency and exceptional wind resistance.

This canister backpacking stove has high profile stability, even on uneven terrain. MSR Windburner Backpacking stove is a fuel efficient, fast boiling and wind resistant. The packing is really perfect, saves you a lot of space than its competitors. During windy & crazy weather, the folding canister stand prevents it from tipping over.

The reactor and jet boil is sturdy and efficiently engineered. The radiant burning technology is the primary feature which makes it reliable in windy locations. You can’t see the flames virtually in a radiant burner, once you lit the burner you can see it turn red due to its heat, that’s the indication and you should place the pot on the burner so it is locked safely. Now boil the water to re-hydrate your food.

The pack includes a radiant burner, cook pot, top lid, canister stand, and absorbent cloth. You have to buy and keep a handheld igniter because in this Backpacking stove you don’t have a button ignition system.

This integrated canister stove is sturdy and boils water super fast. It is simple to set up, fast boil times, and enough space in the pot to store the burner and a small fuel canister.

  • Compact Design: Conveniently packs the stove burner, 4 Ounce (110g) or 8 Ounce (220g) IsoPro fuel canister (sold separately), and folding canister stand inside the 1.0-Liter Pot. Extra full-sized bowl snaps onto the outside
  • Integrated System: Compact, all-in-one stove and cookware solution features a secure-locking pot/personal eat-and-drink mug with cozy
  • Maximum Efficiency: Radiant burner and heat exchanger deliver faster boil times and more fuel efficient than conventional stoves that use convective heat only
  • Modular Versatility: Customizable system works with optional cookware accessories, including the MSR WindBurner accessory pots, MSR WindBurner Skillet, hanging kit and coffee press
  • Windproof Performance: 100% primary air combustion, enclosed design & internal pressure regulator work together to make stove virtually impervious to outside conditions
  • Light weighted and easy to assemble
  • Wind resistant
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Heat retention
  • Best survival cooking stove
  • Fuel canister is not included
  • No automatic lighting button.

MSR Windburner Backpacking stove is only for boiling water to re-hydrate frozen storage type meals, Since there is no simmer control. If you’re looking for a perfect windproof Stove, MSR Windburner is the best choice. No flames so it can boil well and outperform the other conventional type Backpacking Stoves. Ideal for solo backpackers and minimalist trips.

4. MSR Reactor Stove System

backpacking wood stove

The MSR Reactor Stove System is the best camping stove for backpacking if you’re a solo traveler who prefers the benefits of canister fuel.

A fantastic Backpack stove that can still retain the heat and cook even after you turn off the stove. The reactor is designed perfectly with the pot which has heat exchanging fins which acts like a windscreen, so you actually don’t need a windscreen separately for this stove. MSR Reactor can boil water quicker despite high wind and cold weather.

This Backpack stove has an unbeatable boiling speed. Most liked variant among most of the Backpacking stove reviews, this can boil 1Lt of water in just 3mins. This is the speedy boiling time when compared with its other rivals. Wind protection is perfectly designed and all the systems are self-contained, can fit inside the pot nicely.

Simmering is almost impossible, even if you slow down the gas valve, the reactor pot still retains the heat and cook the contents in it. So practically simmering is a challenge, but because of the windproof design and faster boiling time MSR Reactor stove has its own place among the Best Backpacking Stoves,

In choosing between the two MSR models, the WindBurner is the more versatile and affordable option for backpackers, but we recommend the Reactor if you need the stronger burner (9,000 BTUs vs. 7,000 BTUs) or a larger capacity pot

  • Compact: All systems are self-contained, fitting the stove and fuel inside the pot. (1.0L Reactor System nests optimally with our new, smaller-diameter 4 oz. canisters, which are sold separately.). Made in the USA
  • Integrated System: State-of-the-art stove and high-efficiency cookware are combined into a compact, self-contained and easy-to-use system.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Patent-pending radiant burner, heat exchanger and internal pressure regulator produce best-in-class, fuel-sipping efficiency in all conditions.
  • Unmatched Wind Protection: Heat exchanger completely encloses radiant burner head, virtually eliminating the effects of wind to maintain outstanding boil times and save fuel.
  • Unrivaled Boil Time: Outperforms the competition in head-to-head lab tests—boiling .5 liter of water in just 1.5 minutes—with an even greater advantage out in the real world.
  • Fastest Boiling speed (3mins/Lt)
  • Convenient and sturdy design
  • Consumes less fuel because of the efficient rector technology
  • Windproof by design itself.
  • ultralight backpack stove
  • self-contained, all parts and a small canister fit inside the cooking pot.
  • Best mini backpacking stove.
  • No simmering is possible
  • Weight is not as low as other conventional canister stoves.

It is better to have 1 stove 2 people and highly recommended to buy an 8oz fuel canister which can serve your cooking needs for extended trips, 4oz is enough for a solo backpacker or minimalist trips, simmering is not possible, optimal for boiling water to re-hydrate food. Highly reliable in extreme weather conditions.

5. Flash Personal Cooking System

ultralight backpacking stove reviews

This Flash personal cooking system is one of the lightest and compact stoves available that still provides quality performance and durability in one model. This stove is a favorite among climbers and mountaineers that often venture into the harshest and most exposed terrain on the planet.

The Flash personal cooking system’s 1-liter insulated and hand-anodized aluminum Jetboil cooking cup connects directly to the high-performance burner ensuring that less heat is lost during the cooking process. The ignition system is just a click, easy and simple to light the Backpack Stove. Jetpower canister doesn’t come with the pack, you have to buy it separately, the 3.5oz capacity of jet power canister can boil 12ltrs of water which is sufficient enough for a day for three members.

Simmering is not possible, which is not something you can complain because these type of jetboil stoves are designed primarily for boiling water and maybe to make coffee.

The insulated cozy surrounding the pot has a fabric handle which is strong enough to hols the pot in hands. Since there is no simmering handles doesn’t matter a lot. No need to carry the plastic cup, you can eat or drink directly from the pot.

  • Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy
  • Cozy features color-change temperature indicator
  • Adjustable burner with efficient igniter design
  • Stabilizer tripod included
  • Insulating drink-through lid and bottom cover
  • Pot support is not included
  • Compact camp stove
  • Windproof burning system
  • Easy to pack and easy to use
  • Button ignition system
  • Lightweight and fuel efficient
  • Reliable ignition system
  • Best portable gas stove
  • Turns off if the gas valve is slowed down.
  • Can’t see the flames while cooking which doesn’t allow you to know if the stove is still on or not

This Ultralight Backpack stove is ideal for people who are planning for solo camping and minimalist trips, can boil water really fast, no simmering facility, Ignition is more reliable because of the self-ignition button system.

6. MSR Dragonfly Stove

backpacking stove reviews

This stove is one of the most popular liquid fuel stoves ever made. It’s among the lightest, smallest, and least expensive liquid fuel stoves on the market.

It burns multiple kinds of liquid fuel, including white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, and diesel. The DragonFly camping stove is famous for its simmer and flame control. Generally, the Camp chefs will love the combination of hot flames and precise adjustments from simmer to boil.

Another version similar to MSR WhisperLite Universal. But this one weighs 3oz more than the said version, can really simmer if you get along with the turning levels of the simmer, otherwise its nearly off or burn extremely high, It is noisier than the other liquid Backpacking Stoves.

This can accommodate bigger pots maybe approximately 5” in radius. 2 stoves can cook for a group of 6 members for a limited meal, You can call this a Portable Backpacking stove for its capacity. It’s also much quieter than many other roaring liquid fuel stoves.

This pack comes with a windscreen which is essential, without which heat cannot reach the pot in windy locations. Fuel pump, heat reflector, small parts kit, instructions, stuff sack. Fuel bottle not included. Needs to be bought separately.

  • Burns white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel, and jet fuel.
  • Folds to 1/3 of its working size and fits in a two-liter MSR pot for easy storage
  • Pioneered dual-valve design of the Dragonfly stove, enabling it to deliver precision, simmer-to-boil control.
  • Shaker Jet technology and smart engineering allow complete cleaning and maintenance in the field.
  • Fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small-parts kit, instructions, and stuff sack. (Fuel bottle not included.)/Made in the USA
  • Accommodates larger pots.
  • Simmering facilities allow you to cook more variety of foods.
  • when folded it is only 1/3rd of its cooking size.
  • Multi-fuel system.
  • Best survival cooking stove.
  • Fuel bottle not included.
  • Poor wind resistant.
  • Noisier and little heavy weighted.

This Hiking Stove is ideal for a bigger group of people, can cook in a larger pot for more people. Simmering facilities gives you the ability to cook foods other than dehydrated foods. Powerful when the windscreen is positioned properly against the disturbing heavy winds. The Best Survival cooking Stove for adventure lovers in 2019.

7. MSR PocketRocket 2 Ultralight

best alcohol stove reviews

In my opinion, the best camping stove around fueled by the liquid is the MSR PocketRocket. It is ideal for ultralight backpacking or trekking trips and for groups up to two people and is definitely one of the top ten camping stoves out there.

MSR PocketRocket 2 is a collapsible Canister stove, The pack only has the stove and a carry case, so unlike other complete canister cooking systems, you have to buy the canister fuel tank and canister stand separately. This can be screwed on top of the canister, open it and light it. MSR PocketRocket has simmering control as well which allows you to cook the food of your choice.

This Folding Camp stove is small in design, light weighted than its first version, it weighs only 2.6 ounces, When you collapse it, the size is less enough to fit in your palm. Still, this Ultralight Backpack Stove can boil 1ltr of water in just 3.5mins. The fuel canister doesn’t come with the pack, but still, if you buy a canister and canister stand along with the stove it costs you less than 90$. This is the Best Backpack Stove in terms of cost and convenience.

This backpacking stove is suitable for 1-2 people and is fairly simple to use and is the best stove for camping.

  • Boils one liter of water in just 3.5 minutes and flame easily adjusts from a simmer to a rolling boil for gourmet cooking in the outdoors
  • Easy to setup and operate—no priming, preheating, or pressurizing is required; serrated pot-supports accommodate a wide range of pot sizes and styles
  • Fueled by high-performance isobutane-propane fuel canister (not included); self-sealing threaded canister fuel is available in most countries
  • Lightweight protective case included; stove weighs 2.6 oz (4.2 oz with case), measures 4.8×4.8×3.6 inches open, collapses to 2x2x3 inches; made in USA
  • Ultralight (2.6 oz) and compact (2x2x3 in) folding canister stove for minimalist adventures, backpacking, hiking, trekking, camping, and global travel
  • Compact and convenient in low price range
  • Easy to setup
  • Can accommodate wide range and types of cooking pots
  • Boiling speed is 3.5mins/Ltr which is faster
  • Compact camp stove
  • Not for windy locations.
  • Packing all the parts other than stove which has a carry case is not that convenient

This Folding Camping stove is Super lightweight and reliable. Optimal for minimalist trips, not ideal for windy locations, still better performing when placed protectively against the wind. Can cook a variety of meals with simmering facility. Ideal for a group of people looking for the Best Ultralight stoves.

8. Snow Peak LiteMax Titanium Stove

wood burning backpacking stove reviews

The brand “Snow peak” has a reputation for its high-quality products, Lite max is the lightest and smallest of all Backpack stoves. When you go through the list of Best backpacking stoves, Lite max always has its place as the Best Titanium Stove.

As similar to the other traditional stoves this doesn’t include a canister and cooking pot, which needs to be bought separately, a snow peak canister paired with Litemax makes a reliable and compact Survival stove.

This is a light and powerful camping stove, you can boil 1ltr of water in 4.5mins, Flame control is 1.5 inches long, can be reached easily under bigger pots also, Simmering allows you to cook more variety of foods when you’re wandering around in remote routes or wild nature. boiling was never this fast in other small Backpacking Stoves. The package comes with the stove and a black sack.

  • The ultra lightweight design, only 1.9 oz, is perfect for the extreme backpacker
  • Boils water in just over 4 minutes
  • Output of 11,200 BTU’s
  • Minimalist design uses fanned legs as a built-in windscreen
  • Smallest and lightest
  • Faster boiling time
  • Strong and long lasting built, also have lifetime warranty
  • Simmering facility
  • Easy to set up and easy to use
  • Compact camp stove
  • Not for Windy locations
  • Every part needs to be chosen and bought separately

Snow peak lit max is one of the best portable camping stoves which can provide powerful flames to cook meals for more than one person, Recommended to have 2stoves for three people. Even beginner backpackers also can use this with ease, fast to setup and boil water to rehydrate food.

9. Camp Chef Everest High Output 2 Burner Stove

white gas backpacking stove

The Camp Chef Everest is the best value for money backpacking stove and one of the best lightweight cooking stoves on the market!

This Hiking stove looks like a mini briefcase, you open it and set it up, it has a three-sided wind barrier included, and two powerful burners can work better even in windy places. This backpacking stove is ideal for hiking or even as an emergency backup as it’s so lightweight & compact.

It also has Adjustable heat control dials. Regulator adopter for a 1-lb propane cylinder included. This Hiking stove is built of sturdy stainless steel, A powerful ignition system provides a matchless ignition.

Two separate burners and flame control allow you to cook two meals at one go, boil noodles and simmer your nice favorite soup. What else you need than a favorite meal in the mid of wild nature?

The cooking grate is nickel plated and really strong which can hold bigger pots. The handle is nice and comfortable to carry the stove. It has a wide and stable base, making it good for one-pot meals to feed large groups. The overall convenient design makes it one of the Best Camping Stoves 2019.

  • Two 20,000 BTU burners.
  • Three-sided wind barrier.
  • Fully adjustable heat-control dials and a Matchless ignition.
  • Stainless steel drip tray for easy cleanup.
  • Powerful burners fight windy conditions.
  • Emergency preparedness recommended. Convenient carry handle.
  • Regulator adapter for a 1-lb propane cylinder included.
  • Total output: 40,000 BTU/hr.
  • Quick setup and easy to clean.
  • 20,000BTU’s per burner.
  • Sturdy and powerful.
  • Adjustable flame control.
  • Three-sided wind barrier design.
  • Compact camp stove.
  • No storage facility for propane adapter.
  • Need to buy a Propane fuel tank separately.

An optimal Camp stove for a group of people looking for a stove which is sturdy and burns well in windy locations. if you’re a camp chef type person, this Backpack stove is an optimal choice. This is similar to a double burner tabletop stove.

10. Ultralight Backpacking Canister Camp Stove with Piezo Ignition 3.9oz

best backpacking cooking system

One more small, light and compact Backpacking stove, This is the cheapest and worth every penny, the quality material makes it last for long. The pack has only the stove and a case where this stove can be folded and stored.

It is a simple integrated canister stove with an affordable price tag. This can work with any screw top butane/propane canisters. You can buy one online along with this. Though this is cheap, it can impress you with its performance, it’s fully adjustable flame allows you to simmer while cooking. But this stove is not for windy locations, as this is so light weighted, the cooking pot may fall off due to the heavy winds, but this is ideal for normal locations.

  • It’s made of copper metal and stainless steel Automatic strike fire
  • Dimension(L x W x H): Approx. 7 x 7 x 7.5cm(Unfolded)
  • Rated Power:3500w
  • Fits diversified pot gas
  • Package Includes: 1 X Camping Picnic Stove 1 X Box
  • Light and compact can be stored in a small box which hardly occupies any space
  • Ultralight backpack stove
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Easy to setup
  • Best portable camping stove.
  • Not for windy locations
  • Can’t hold bigger cooking pots

This Ultralight Backpacking stove is ideal for people who travel frequently and looking to boil water and dehydrated food. Apart from the stove and the carry case, nothing else is included, you have to buy the canister and windscreen separately. Also the cheapest backpacking stove 2019!

Best Backpacking Stove 2019 – Buying Guide

We live in a Wonderful world that is full of Beauty, Charm, and Adventure, Travel doesn’t become Adventure until you leave yourself behind. Life isn’t all about earning and paying bills, It’s a wild, wonderful world, follow your heart and let the adventure unfold.

When we talk about travel, Adventure and backpack trips, being “well prepared” is more important. Also, check about the backpacking tips at Rei. People who do Backpacking are adventure lovers and nature lovers.

There are a lot of things you have to carry along to make your trip a comfortable and refreshing one. Backpacking stove is an essential thing which you would want to include in your kit.

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In a Nutshell,

After testing and going through a lot of user experience, the Best backpacking cooking gear 2019 should include features that are optimal for your hiking plans. One type of stove may have proved to be a Top-rated Backpacking stove and the other one may prove to be a small camping stove which has all the features you wanted, choose the one you really need the most, don’t always go by the ratings.

On the whole, a Hiking stove is something very essential in any Backpacking trips, so before choosing your Hiking cooking gear, Think about your travel plans, locations, number of days you’re planning, number of people coming along, and more importantly what are you gonna cook? Only boiling water? Or coffee and meals would be included.

Don’t be flooded with choice is hard when determining what is the best stove for backpacking is? You should consider a number of factors before buying any backpacking cooking gear in 2019. That’s why I’ve compared a variety of hiking stoves on the market with detailed backpacking stove reviews, to help you sift through the clutter & find the best backpacking stove!

There are different types of backpacking stoves to choose among, such as canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, alcohol stoves, wood stoves, and solid fuel stoves. I’ve used a few portable camping stoves over the years and come with this 10 best backpacking stoves on the market 2019. Hope the above list of Best Backpacking stove/Best Camping stove in 2019 will help you in choosing the best camping stove available on the market.

Wish you luck on your next adventure!

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